Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I have someting to say tou you(Azman) , i hope you can accept what i text about my heart .. i never lie you about my heart , today i would like to express my feeling ..
- i really love you bieyy , i always love you , miss you and i wat hug you  .. i change because you , i never hate you ! i always love you , why you do this ? why you make me cry ? i just want to say sorry to you because i know i do many mistake .. i just want to want to be good in your eyes .. 
- i know u feel bored with me , i just wanna life with u forever n ever and i want you smile and happy .. i very sad when i know u choose that girl n everyday i cry because you  , but you looks like nothing happen .. why ? my heart very-2 broken ! but i very-2 hope one day u can accept me again .. i will wait u forever and ever .. 
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